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Captain, first mate of merchant ship killed by big wave, Coast Guard rescuing injured second mate

Coast Guard to medevac crewmember from Greek merchant vessel off Bermuda ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. – The Coast Guard is preparing to rescue the injured 2nd mate of the Greek flagged…

How to Adapt Your Hunt When the Deer are not Cooperating

What would you do if some armed locals in hunting orange garb started to shoot at you.

No Third Strike on Ice

There was about four or five inches of water between the ice and the concrete bridge supports where we eased our lines baited with live wiggling minnows. When a minnow would quit squirming, we hooked another and sent it to the cold depths. Four hours later, we had gone through most of the minnows without catching a single fish, though I thought I might have gotten one nibble, maybe.So, we loaded the gear back into the canoe and pushed back to the bank, loaded the truck and headed home.Needless to say, it was really cold under that bridge.

How I Became a Gunkholer

I am not complaining, but in the beginning the idea of singlehanded gunk holing never occurred to me.

Beneath the Surface

A hundred grand for a few days work on the water was a lot of money back then. Capt. Jerry, the would be fisherman, had been hooked…

Back to Benedict

  During these continuing recessive times, there are real waterfront success stories that must be told for the Southern Maryland Tri-County Area that consists of St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Charles…

Potomac Flotilla Searches for St. George Island

The Maryland Dove and the Captain Sam Bailey joined the search for the island over the weekend along with several dozen other boats.

Letter From Point Lookout Hotel: fried hard crabs

If (and I hope you will) you are going to try fried hard crabs put a little old bay seasoning in the corn meal griddle cake mix (to taste) But not the ones you cook for breakfast.

The Murky Minds of MDE Regulators Confuse Everyone

The Murky Minds of MDE Regulators Confuse Everyone  By Richard Pelz SPECIAL FOR THE CHESAPEAKE Things that make you go HUH???? Environmentalists have been talking about it for decades, politicians…

Endangered listing for sturgeon could limit or eliminate stocking, tagging programs

  By Karl Blankenship (Special to THE CHESAPEAKE) Atlantic sturgeon have no shortage of adjectives that suit them. Ancient, as in a fish species that has been around so long…