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MURDER USA: GOTCHA! Highland County teen charged with first-degree murder of Ruth Ann Knave of Tall Timbers, Md.

A Tall Timbers woman is dead and a teenage boy was caught with her car at the Richmond Airport following her slaying on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, reports the Virginia State Police. 

Virginia State Police Beat / Wrong-way driver Winston J. Smith II died as he killed EMT Beth Franklin in head-on crash

Police report that the green Isuzu pickup truck was traveling west in the eastbound lane when it struck head-on an eastbound Hyundai sedan. The impact of that crash caused the vehicles to strike an eastbound Ford F-150 utility pickup truck.

DWI HIT PARADE / Fairfax City Police DWI arrest bookings for Jan. 1, 2017 thru May 5, 2017

Fairfax Boulevard / University Drive – On May 10 at 1:58 AM an officer who had conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle observed being operated erratically determined that the driver was intoxicated. Kemal Emek Dinc, 28, of 9760 Main Street, Fairfax, was transported to the Adult Detention Center where he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.


RICHMOND, VA. – The sensible thing to do when traveling on I-95 near Richmond is to take the beltway around the city and avoid driving on I-95 in the late evening and early morning hours. Groups of vehicles playing and racing on the Interstate continue to be a danger to traffic and in the case of a shooting incident on May 9, 2017, deadly danger exists.

Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Bruce A. Harvey charged with pimping kids for sex

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. – A detective who is assigned to track down perverts who exploit children in sex crimes on the internet was snagged by a federal task force assigned the duty of tracking down adults who prey on children by pimping them for sex.