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MURDER USA / Two Hoodlums Exchanged Gunfire; Winged Woman & Sent Lead Flying into Nearby Home

WOODBRIDGE, VA. – Some of the region’s best criminals populate Woodbridge, Va., rivaling those of Dover, Del., Glen Burnie, Waldorf, and Salisbury, Md. It’s a crap shoot as to which of the areas – even Annapolis should be on this list – has the best in Dirtbags and dope-running slimebuckets.

Prince William Police Beat / Home invasion victim gave armed robber a leg up for the cops

Police say as the suspects fled out the rear door, one of the victims, a 22-year-old man of Dumfries, followed and confronted one of the suspects. During the encounter, a struggle ensued and the victim sustained a laceration to his leg before the suspect fled on foot.

Prince William Police Beat / Jeffery Parker’s Great Temper Tantrum Lands Him in Hoosegow for Burglary

As the victim and family members held the front door shut, the accused broke a front window then fled the area on foot as police arrived. A police K-9 was used to search for the accused who was located and detained without incident.

Prince William Police Beat / Two gunmen shoot at fleeing robbery victim at Country Inn & Suites

    Two gunmen shoot at fleeing robbery victim at Country Inn & Suites WOODBRIDGE, VA.  – Dirtbag armed robbers now stalk the hallways of local motels looking for victims…

Prince William Police Beat: When words failed to injure; combatants turned to sticks and stones

Cops found alleged car thief hiding under bed; escaped from cruiser winning another day of freedom

WOODBRIDGE, VA. — Houdini Mark Love is his name and escaping from the police is his game. Officers might have a sticky wicket filling out the paperwork on the escape of a handcuffed prisoner from custody as he was deposited in the rear of a police car. Such an arrangement is generally believed, in law enforcement circles, to be what is needed to move a prisoner to jail.