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Murder USA: Two women were blown away by the men they told to get lost; one jilted ex-lover killed victim’s sister too in front of three children

When Reynolds was arrested, Jones posted the bond for him after telling the Judge she didn’t want to go ahead with the assault charges. She recanted her version of the events and disputed the report of the police officer, according to the States Attorney’s Office. Reynolds had been held without bond but after Jones had appeared in court, the Judge allowed bail, and he was freed and then on March 7, 2016, he fulfilled his threat when he murdered Jones and her sister.

Murder USA: Cops charge killer of young teacher and toddler found shot to death in Fort Washington

FORT WASHINGTON, MD. — In an area of PG County, Md., where murder is no stranger, the shocking discovery of a young teacher and her toddler daughter who were shot to death adds to the dramatic picture of the suburban Washington county as being a cesspool of crime and an overflowing stew of endless numbers of homicides.