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MURDER USA Stabbing remains a favorite method of the working murderer

The preliminary investigation reveals the suspect and the victim got into an argument, which led to the fatal stabbing. The suspect and victim were acquaintances.

MURDER USA: Kowobari charged with stabbing Jodi Henry to death in PG trailer park love-triangle

MURDER USA: Kowobari charged with stabbing her friend to death in PG trailer park love-triangle CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD. — PG County continues to be a Pretty Gory place to live,…

Murder USA: Two down for count in PG; Rashaad Tate shot dead and set on fire

On Sept. 14, 2007, Tate was convicted on charges of distribution of drugs in Prince Georges County Circuit Court. Tate had been charged with numerous counts of handgun violations and possession of a large amount of drugs, 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Murder USA: Double Dose of Death

GREENBELT, MD. — Another day and another murder – make that two murders – in PG (Pretty Gory) County.

Murder USA: Cops charge killer of young teacher and toddler found shot to death in Fort Washington

FORT WASHINGTON, MD. — In an area of PG County, Md., where murder is no stranger, the shocking discovery of a young teacher and her toddler daughter who were shot to death adds to the dramatic picture of the suburban Washington county as being a cesspool of crime and an overflowing stew of endless numbers of homicides.

Murder USA: Drug dealer Christopher Charles Ealey shot dead at gas and go; killer shot and went

Court records show that the plea deal between Alsobrooks and Ealey called for him to go to prison for 3 years but all but 13 months was suspended. The sentence was backdated to Aug. 4, 2014, when he was locked up. Since he was on probation he was available for a gunfight, which he apparently lost.