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Off-duty Coast Guard crews volunteer to help in Hampton, Va.

People who volunteer improve the lives of others in obvious ways. Recipients of community service efforts gain something tangible: a hot meal, a home improvement, funding or staffing where resources are lacking or nonexistent. Homeless veterans, single-parent families, environmental organizations and non-profit groups succeed when volunteers work for their benefit.

Coast Guard women and men, whether active duty or civilian employees, make a living serving the public – it’s their job. A life dedicated to service, many members of the Coast Guard family often extend their efforts beyond the workday, giving selflessly to help others.

Coast Guard volunteers in Virginia’s Hampton Roads area seize opportunities to give of themselves, resulting not only in gains for folks on the receiving end, but in forming stronger relationships among Coast Guard and community members.

Coast Guard, Good Samaritan Rescue Boater from Boat on Fire on Chesapeake Bay

Coast Guard crews and a good Samaritan respond to a distressed boater who’s boat had caught on fire in the Chesapeake Bay.

Just in time for 9/11 anniversary security at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear plant is on vacation

LUSBY, Md. — About 50 miles outside Washington D.C. is a nuclear power plant that sits on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s the sort of place the government has warned is vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

But an investigation conducted by The Daily Caller found that anybody can enter the property of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, drive through the front gates, park not far from a nuclear reactor and have no contact of any kind with security.

Druggies can cry as supply dries up and prices hike: Coast Guard seizes $19 million worth of cocaine

Crewmembers from U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hawk, an 87-foot patrol boat homeported in St. Petersburg, Florida, offload 576 kilograms of cocaine, valued at $19 million at Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg, Friday, August 22, 2014. The contraband was interdicted during Operation Martillo, a joint interagency and multi-national collaborative effort among 14 Western Hemisphere and European nations to stop the flow of illicit cargo by Transnational Criminal Organizations. U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer Ashley J. Johnson

Mutiny on the Genco Challenger? Two stabbed, one missing in high seas drama

REHOBOTH, DEL. (Special from the Beach News) — Was it a case of mutiny, a deranged crew member having a psychotic episode or something entirely different that took the lives of two of the ship’s crew and injured a third? We may never know because what happened aboard the Genco Challenger took place in international waters about 27 miles south/southeast of Rehoboth Beach.

Alan Henney’s The Beach News: man critically hurt in Rehoboth scooter crash

The 19-year-old man on the scooter was reported unresponsive for about 10 minutes, and then he became confused and combative, suggesting a suspected head injury. He wore no helmet.

The scooter struck the driver’s side of the Mercedes SUV in the intersection. Lt. William Sullivan, police spokesman, says the driver of the Mercedes has been charged with making an illegal U-turn, no proof of insurance, and failure to signal.