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MURDER USA: Baltimore Police report Michael Bates shot dead by armed robbers after being ordered to raise his hands

Although the victim complied by putting his hands in the air, one of the armed robbers still shot him, hitting him in the neck, and killed him

Murder USA: Baltimore Shooting & Homicide Update – end of deadliest May in Charm City with summer only beginning as Mayor Bozo marches on

BALTIMORE, MD. — Baltimore City Police report that there are now officially less people left alive than when the weekend began. There are more bodies in the morgue, more customers for local funeral homes and more patients in hospitals recovering from gunshot wounds in the biggest city of Maryland – a state with strict gun laws and all liberal Democrats running the city.

Convicted felon nabbed with gun in heart of riot area Gun fired as he tossed while fleeing; thugsters began attacking cops

“A large crowd began to form around our location and began to throw objects at police. Bricks, water bottles, bleach bottles, and cups. A signal 13 (officer needs assistance) was dropped on the location and more units responded to help disperse the crowd and help contain the crime scene,” said one officer in the police report.

“Tucker began to scream and carry on as if he was injured and or shot,” said the officer in the report.

Rodriquez Purnell Captured Near Home in Baltimore after Bozo Prison Officials Let Him Loose

•Mr. Purnell was a sentenced inmate housed at the MD Reception, Diagnostic, and Classification Center in Baltimore who was also awaiting trial on additional charges. He was released despite the pending charges for which he is due to stand trial next month.

Fats Domino Bank Robber sought by FBI for holdup of Baltimore bank; CASH reward

Witnesses describe the robber as a black man in his 50s, heavy set, and about 6’3” tall. They say he was wearing a ball cap, blue jeans, and a denim shirt. He was seen leaving the scene in an older model olive green Ford Explorer