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Baltimore City Jail Guard Ashley Newton Sentenced to Four Years on Inside of Slammer for Sleeping with Black Guerrilla Family Inmates; Smuggling Goodies into Jail

According to trial evidence and other court documents, Newton smuggled drugs and other contraband for a succession of BGF leaders starting as early as 2008. She had long-term sexual relationships with at least two BGF inmates, including Duron Young, a/k/a Pinky. Newton smuggled pills, marijuana and tobacco for Young, and during the conspiracy, Newton smuggled pills for Pinky almost daily. Newton also opened cells doors of inmates for BGF members

Liberal Democrats running Baltimore treated protestors like a third-world police state; held without charges, not fed for two days

“I’m disgusted by that,” says Natalie Finegar, the deputy district public defender for Baltimore City. “I think that’s cruel and unusual punishment if you ask. You’ve had people in Central Booking for two days without the opportunity to have contact with their families, post bail, or even know why they are there.”