Virginia State Police Beat / Wrong-way driver Winston J. Smith II died as he killed EMT Beth Franklin in head-on crash

Police report that the green Isuzu pickup truck was traveling west in the eastbound lane when it struck head-on an eastbound Hyundai sedan. The impact of that crash caused the vehicles to strike an eastbound Ford F-150 utility pickup truck.

DWI HIT PARADE /  Friday night booze-cruisers found Tyaskin crawling with cops

After the checkpoint concluded, units remained on patrol for DUI saturation, stopping 38 vehicles resulting in 2 additional DUI arrests and 1 arrest for possessing a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. 

MURDER USA PG Cops Score a Two-fer! Torey Stockton charged in homicide of armed robber Jerelle Burnett

Stockton was charged on Aug. 23, 2016, was charged with serious criminal charges in Charles County, Md., including handgun on his person, carrying a concealed deadly weapon, first and second-degree assault, illegal possession of ammo and possession of a dangerous weapon with the intent to injure.  

DWI HIT PARADE Maryland State Police Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests 6/30/2017 to 7/07/2017

Sterrett was arrested by Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputy Jennifer Hall on June 4, 2013, and charged with DUI. On Aug. 12, 2013, in a plea deal with the Worcester County States Attorney, Sterrett entered a guilty plea in return for a verdict of Probation Before Judgement.  THE DEAL: No time and a $400 fine.