Snorkelfishing: A Close Encounter

During a visit to Serges Performance Cycles Shop in Lexington Park, I spotted a very unique heavy duty beach bike outfitted with a small single cylinder engine. “Looks like this…

A fine time to take a trip on a charter boat

She actually said it was more fun than deer hunting. It measured 45 inches and weighed a nice thirty pounds.

Maryland NRP round up poachers, drunk hunters, assist tree stand victims

NRP charged Michael Brian Heslop, 32 of Friendsville, Md., with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of alcohol per se, driving while impaired by alcohol and hunting under the influence of alcohol.

Bringing Back the Little Nippers

Unfortunately, diving for oysters requires submerging your body into cold water. Those months with an “R” in them happen to be on the cool side of the calendar.

Hunting Near Halloween in Southern Maryland Can Get Kind of Spooky

I can remember trekking down my old hunting trail at 3 AM on a moonless night with my flashlight off so that I did not spook the deer.  As I…

There’s not much time when fire breaks out on your boat

Tieman’s arrival was less than five minutes after the time of the mayday call, yet the vessel’s deck was already hot enough to burn the mate’s feet before Tieman was able to evacuate the captain and mate to the TowBoatUS vessel.

Five Somalis Convicted of Piracy Against USS Nicholas

“These five Somali pirates were convicted of an armed assault on the high seas against what they thought was a merchant vessel, but turned out to be a U.S. Navy frigate engaged in counter-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa.

Human error usual cause of boating fatalities

By ARIEL ZIRULNICK News21/CNS= PHILADELPHIA – Like most accidents, it wasn’t just one thing that went wrong when a barge rammed into a tour boat on the Delaware River in…

Smoked and Fried Turkey Cooking Tips

  Bradley Smokers 2010, Turkey Recipes (will work with other fowl). First a quick sales pitch (your recipes follow closely) It is all about great flavor, but convenience does not…