Trouble on the Potomac River and Chesapeake?

The 2 men onboard did not have a cell phone, a marine radio, a flashlight, a white 360 degree light and other essential safety equipment.

The Country Philosopher: Harken ye heathens! The end is nigh!

Now, I am not some wacko trying to shove you aboard a space ship for an elliptical rendezvous with destiny, and I promise you won’t be given any cyanide-laced kool-aid. I just want you to be aware.

New cruise ships offer added entertainment options for vacationers

Nine new ships will be seen in North America this fall and winter, the most that will be hitting the seas in the near future.

United States Power Boat Show Oct. 14-17 in Annapolis

Located in the quaint town of Annapolis, Maryland, the show features everything from luxurious motor yachts and trawlers to high-performance boats and offshore fishing machines. There are family cruisers, center consoles, inflatables and the world’s largest power catamaran section. Attendees will also find a wide selection of marine equipment, high-tech electronics, accessories, gear and related services such as boating lessons, rentals, insurance firms and lending institutions.

Sailboat show now open in Annapolis harbor

This tall ship is the Kalmar Nyckel, an educational vessel from Delaware under sail on the Potomac River. THE CHESAPEAKE

The Price of Free Bait

Ironically, the best quality, freshest bloodworms and soft crabs are not always found in bait and tackle stores.

Visit this War of 1812 Privateer in Baltimore

Lynx evokes the life, spirit, and atmosphere of a vanished age of sail.

Recycling your fish carcass

Finding a home for boneless fish filets is seldom a problem but disposing of fish carcasses can be a challenge.  Most of us do not live on the water where…