Gallup: citing high taxes, nearly half of Marylanders want to flee

Thirty-three percent of residents want to move to another state, according to the average of the 50 state responses. Seventeen states come close to that 50-state average. Another 16 are above the average range, including three showing an especially high desire to move. In fact, in these three — Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland — roughly as many residents want to leave as want to stay


Charles County Sheriff Rex Coffey using county owned police car to work on campaign signs

An official or employee may not intentionally use the prestige of his or her office for personal gain or that of another. This prohibition means an official or employee may not use any influence he/she may have to obtain a special benefit for himself/herself or another or use state resources for personal benefit or to benefit another

BUDGET BULLY CHECKMATED: Commissioner Larry Jarboe proposal will fund school budget

In making plans for his budget session proposal, Jarboe points out that favorite project of Commissioner Todd Morgan is to build a ‘road to nowhere’ to pad the pockets of developers who will benefit from the FDR Blvd. while at the same time that Morgan fileted the school board in a bully-session two weeks ago over their unraveled budget.

Armed bank robber who threatened to “blow your head off” to teller pleads guilty

Authorities charged Darrius Roszario D. Washington, 20, and Janaya B. Person-Robinson, 19, both of Baltimore, in the bank robbery. They were indicted in federal court this month and also face charges in Baltimore County.

Baltimore cops charge man with attempted rape of 98-year-old woman

The initial investigation into this incident has indicated that between noon and 1 p.m., the suspect knocked on the back door to the home. When the 98-year-old victim came to the door, the suspect stated that he was selling home improvement services

Frederick Police Charge Two in Heroin Sales Scheme

Packett and Dussol were placed under arrest after a search of the vehicle revealed a quantity of heroin in the vehicle, along with needles and other paraphernalia. Packett and Dussol were transported to Frederick County Central Booking where they are awaiting an appearance before the District Court Commissioner.

Navy pilots get swimming lesson from Coast Guard; ship full of pot unloaded in Miami

Crew members at Coast Guard Station Miami Beach offload 2,058 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated wholesale value of $1.9 million, at Base Miami Beach, May 2, 2014. The Coast Guard Cutter Dependable interdicted the contraband on April 23 during a routine patrol in the Caribbean Sea