Recreational fisherman who scooped up 228 undersize rockfish fined $2,000 and no jail time for poaching

After receiving permission from the boat owner to check the coolers aboard the boat, the officer found 228 striped bass under the legal minimum of 18 inches. The officer also found about 30 pounds of white perch in the coolers. None of the four people on the boat had a fishing license.

Frederick: another druggie takes the fast-track to Euphoria with overdose of heroin; two pals busted on drug charges

In the continuing saga of self-induced death, another dimwit who decided to ignore all manner of admonitions to not use drugs and to really stay away from the deadly heroin sweeping the ash-bins of humanity to early graves, police in Frederick, Maryland report of a overdose “victim” being carted out on a stretcher. As of this report, the dead-head isn’t dead but is being treated at a hospital.

Lashonda and the Noisedelles now appearing at the Hotel St. Mary’s after a smashing success at Hermanville Music Festival

Police say that on April 13, 2014 at 8:45PM, Corporal Watters responded to a residence on Hermanville Road in Lexington Park for a noise complaint. Corporal Watters requested the music be turned down. Initially, subjects complied and made an announcement for everyone to leave. However, as Corporal Watters walked toward his car to leave the large crowd became unruly by yelling profanity and turning up the music. Additional deputies were requested to respond.

Norfolk: high winds blew bulk coal carrier ashore

NORFOLK, Va. — This collier was anchored at the Lynnhaven anchorage at the southern-most shores of the Chesapeake Bay while waiting berth space in Norfolk. The tempest of northern winds on Tuesday night that smashed into the northern shores of Willoughby Spit and Ocean View sea side communities of Norfolk and Lynnhaven Inlet, Chesapeake Beach, Little Creek Inlet, and Chick’s Beach
communities of Virginia Beach, Virginia scattered many ocean going cargo and coal ships that were anchored at an officially approved anchorage.

Gansler advocates dumping independent prosecutor that specializes in locking up crooked politicians!

The state established the unit within the Attorney General’s Office in 1977 to investigate election law violations, bribery, perjury and other offenses by public officials and employees.

Murder in Berlin: elderly couple’s end of days with husband killing wife and then shooting himself; he died at hospital

Upon their arrival to the scene, officers from the Berlin Police Department and emergency medical service personnel pronounced Ada dead at the scene from an apparent gunshot wound. Police found Lester on the floor with what also appeared to be gunshot wounds. He immediately received medical treatment and was transported by ambulance to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he later succumbed to his injuries.