One dead in boat collision on James River

 PORTSMOUTH, Va. (Oct. 17, 2010) – Coast Guard and local agencies respond to a collision in the vicinity of the James River Bridge Sunday morning. At 9:53 a.m. Coast Guard…

Bivalve’s dramatic demise is as ‘quiet as a clam’

Unlike oysters, which build elaborate reefs, soft-shell clams burrow into the sediment where they are out of sight – and seemingly out of mind.

Spring Gobbler Season: The Thrill of Talking to an “Old Tom”

I have had Gobblers running to me as I was leaving his area for fear he would lose out on a potential new Girlfriend.

Pandemonium reigned on St. George Island as massive crack separated bridge

After months of expectation and inaction on the part of the O’Malley Administration the Gregorian Fault shifted once again and this time left a 6 foot crack between the end of the St. George Island Bridge and the island making travel by vehicle onto the island for tourists and residents impossible.

Coast Guard assists 4 near Smith Point, Md.

Hoeltje contacted Coast Guard Sector Baltimore watchstanders via marine-band radio at 1:51 a.m., reporting that his 28-foot sailboat was disabled and beset by weather.

The Story of the ‘Can’t Miss’: Sixteen million bricks towering above the sea!

     By Cap’n Larry Jarboe THE CHESAPEAKE      In April of 1980, my wife, Carlene, was a month pregnant with our first child. We decided to take a captain…

Letter from Point Lookout Hotel

Point Lookout was the site of a Union Army hospital and prisoner of war camp during the civil war where more than 3,000 Confederate prisoners died. Dubbed the Andersonville of the North, the camp kept prisoners in tents, many without blankets and medical care as harsh winter storms ravaged the point. A monument to the dead is located nearby.

Trouble on the Potomac River and Chesapeake?

The 2 men onboard did not have a cell phone, a marine radio, a flashlight, a white 360 degree light and other essential safety equipment.

The Country Philosopher: Harken ye heathens! The end is nigh!

Now, I am not some wacko trying to shove you aboard a space ship for an elliptical rendezvous with destiny, and I promise you won’t be given any cyanide-laced kool-aid. I just want you to be aware.

New cruise ships offer added entertainment options for vacationers

Nine new ships will be seen in North America this fall and winter, the most that will be hitting the seas in the near future.