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DWI HIT PARADE: Prince George’s County Police Didn’t Can This Bozo Cop on his first DUI arrest; Now Officer Chris Brown Charged with DUI after Wrecking Police Cruiser

In 2012, the same officer was involved in another crash in his cruiser while under the influence in Oxon Hill. Prince George’s County Police arrested the officer following that crash. He pleaded guilty to those charges.

U.S. Coast Guard commissioned newest Fast Response Cutter, Rollin A. Fritch

The USCG commissioned the newest Fast Response Cutter Rollin Fritch in Cape May, New Jersey The Rollin Fritch is named after Coast Guard Seaman 1st Class Rollin A. Fritch. During…

The Beach News by Alan Henney: FISHING EXPERTS SAY NO NEED TO FEAR CHUMMING BOATS – They are looking to catch the sharks

“If people could see what the banner plane pilots see they would not go into the water,” King adds. “Boats chum them up but not anymore than they already are. The area in front of Rehoboth Beach is a popular place to fish for them.”