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Potomac Flotilla Searches for St. George Island

The Maryland Dove and the Captain Sam Bailey joined the search for the island over the weekend along with several dozen other boats.

Merry Christmas from a flash mob lunch bunch in a food court

A great way to say Merry Christmas in a public place…

New areas of Battleship USS Wisconsin now open to public

Prior to boarding the ship, visitors are invited to see the film, Forward for Freedom, which will be shown in the new Battleship Intro Theater inside Nauticus. The six-minute film brings the Wisconsin to life through the stories and commentary of those who have supported the ship, especially those who served aboard her .

Pandemonium reigned on St. George Island as massive crack separated bridge

After months of expectation and inaction on the part of the O’Malley Administration the Gregorian Fault shifted once again and this time left a 6 foot crack between the end of the St. George Island Bridge and the island making travel by vehicle onto the island for tourists and residents impossible.

Letter from Point Lookout Hotel

Point Lookout was the site of a Union Army hospital and prisoner of war camp during the civil war where more than 3,000 Confederate prisoners died. Dubbed the Andersonville of the North, the camp kept prisoners in tents, many without blankets and medical care as harsh winter storms ravaged the point. A monument to the dead is located nearby.

The Country Philosopher: Harken ye heathens! The end is nigh!

Now, I am not some wacko trying to shove you aboard a space ship for an elliptical rendezvous with destiny, and I promise you won’t be given any cyanide-laced kool-aid. I just want you to be aware.

St. George Island Indian Casino Gains Support from Commissioners Eager to Balance Budget; Island Soon to Separate from Bridge

PINEY POINT (Special) — In spite of warnings from the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the O’Malley Administration has failed to act to secure and safeguard St. George’s Island from drifting…

Island Shows New Signs of Slippage from Mainland; Indians Set to Turn it Into Casino

ST. GEORGE ISLAND, Md. (SPECIAL) — A serious disturbance in the Gregorian Fault which lies underneath the Potomac River and affects an island attached to the mainland of St. Mary’s…