DWI Hit Parade: Maryland State Police DUI arrests by Salisbury Barrack troopers Jan. thru April 2017

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DWI Hit Parade: Maryland State Police / Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests for 3/10/2017 to 3/17/2017

DWI checkpoint Rt 228 Waldorf 121615 dedicated to Montgomery Officer Noah Leotta

Ray Darrin Marine, 47, DE

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Natalie Wade Rosten, 38, Salisbury, MD

Jamson Morency, 35, FL

Tyler Anthony Decotis, 24, GA

Eugenio Rincon, 40, Salisbury, MD

Bryan O’Neil Davila Gomez, 25, Salisbury, MD

Matthew Adam Fitzpatrick, 35, Salisbury, MD

Christopher Charles Dennis, 31, Salisbury, MD

John Kevin Beauchamp, 50, Salisbury, MD


Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests for 3/03/2017 to 3/10/2017

Albert Andrew White 3rd, 33, 

Timothy Lee Price, 50, DE

Depree Javon Douling, 28, Fruitland, MD

Shalisa Arue Bates, 22, Temple Hills, MD

Michael Allen Viergutz, 21, Mt. Airy, MD

Salisbury Barrack of Md State Police

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests 2/24/17 to 3/04/2017

Jamar Darnell Hill, 27, VA

Amanda Jean Kelly, 22, DE

Tekeyma Laray Brumskin, 23, Salisbury, MD

Isaih Shaddai Smith, 28, Salisbury, MD

Antonio Arellano, 19, Salisbury, MD

Nivicka O Rodenzo Calderon 22, Salisbury, MD

John Ryder Powell, 26, Unk.


Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests from 2/03/2017 to 2/10/2017

Calvin Martin Thomas, 49, Salisbury, MD

Tyler William Wheatley, 24,

Tawney Marie Doyle, 23, Ocean City, MD

Jennifer Lynn Tolbert, 38, Delmar, MD

Kevin Deandre Turpin, 41, Princess Anne, MD

Troy Frank Knight, 29, 

Darryl D. Corbin, 29, u

Felipe Creighton-Nunez, 25, 

Juan Antonio Rolon, 47, Salisbury, MD

Dallas W. Watson, 21, Salisbury, MD

Pablo Armando Lopez Ramos, 25, Salisbury, MD

Wayne Anthony Tull, 59, Salisbury, MD

Garrett Paul McAuliffe, 26, Salisbury, MD

Gary C. Strong, 38, Estill, SC

Brandon Michael Smith, 32, Delmar, MD

Maryland State Trooper on traffic stop in unmarked unit as police seek killers. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY photo

Salisbury Barrack DUI Arrests from 1/20/17 through 1/27/2017:

Jaclyn Nicole Alexander, 26, Salisbury, MD

Leroy Howard Nichols, 51, Salisbury, MD

Daniela G. Castillo-Chavez, 24, Salisbury, MD

Tyler Downs Truitt, 32, Salisbury, MD

Gregory Maurice Jones, 47, Salisbury, MD


MSP Salisbury Barrack arrested the following subjects for DUI 1/13/17 to 1/20/2017:

Rottecus Harold Wharton, 29, VA Beach, VA

Javier A. Alvarez, 45, Salisbury, MD

Bryan J. Cooper, 25, Willards, MD

Shawn Lornell Schoolfield, 26, Salisbury, MD

Yutima Lekerra Barkley, 26, Berlin, MD 

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