Murder USA: Armed robber let out of prison early catches fatal dose of lead poisoning

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Dommeir Devon Deshields shot dead after being let out of prison early on armed robber rap

Dommeir Devon Deshields shot dead after being let out of prison early on armed robber rap

Armed robber let out of prison early catches fatal dose of lead poisoning

SALISBURY, MD – When Maryland State Police along with Wicomico Sheriff’s Deputies and Salisbury Police find the person who shot a man to death they will jail him but they could simply give him a gold star to hang in his cell. The dead guy in this latest Maryland Murder is also a convicted armed robber who just two years ago stuck up a clerk in a convenience store at gunpoint.

MURDER USAA search is underway for a suspect as Maryland State Police continue their investigation into the murder of a Wicomico County man who was shot near noon on Aug. 3, 2015 in Salisbury, Md.


The victim is identified as Dommeir D. Deshields, 21, of the 700-block of Church Street, Salisbury, Md. His body has been transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

Shortly before 11:30 a.m. today, officers from the Salisbury Police Department responded to 911 calls reporting shots fired in the area near the intersection of Anne and Baker streets in Salisbury, Md. Responding officers found the victim lying in the street and determined he had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

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The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit was requested to respond and take the lead on this investigation. Additional assistance is being provided by State Police Criminal Enforcement Division investigators, as well as detectives, officers and deputies from the Salisbury Police Department and Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office. State Police crime scene technicians processed the shooting scene.

The preliminary investigation indicates the victim was walking on the street when a suspect approached and shot him with an unknown type of firearm. A suspect description is not known at this time.

Investigators have been interviewing witnesses and residents in the area throughout the day. Crime scene evidence has been transported to the State Police Forensic Sciences Division crime laboratory for analysis.

Anyone with information about this murder is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the Salisbury Barrack at 410-749-3101, or Crime Solvers of the Lower Eastern Shore at 410-548-1776. Callers may remain anonymous.

Deshields had entered a guilty plea in the type of plea deal often found with the Wicomico County States Attorney where dangerous armed criminals are treated lightly and given little time in prison.

Deshields was charged with the armed robbery of the 7-Eleven on Main Street in Salisbury at 4:25 am that Salisbury Police report that he committed on June 13, 2013. He was 19 years of age and fled with cash and cigarettes. He was arrested by Salisbury Police on June 19, 2013 after they served a search warrant. In the search, police recovered a sawed off shotgun, clothing and ammo but no cash, which he had likely spent on recreation. Also arrested at the time of his arrest were: Jeremiah Jhirus Gamble, 32, and Leslie Denise White, both of Salisbury, for possession of pot.

In Wicomico County Circuit Court on Dec. 19, 2013 was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Given this is Maryland where the system of Justice is firmly in the hands of the White Rabbit, his sentence was suspended by 9 years leaving him 6 years in prison and then to be released on the streets of a civil society to prey once again on the innocent.

Since most seven-year-olds can count better than the Wicomico County States Attorney and the Circuit Court Judge in the case, it is apparent from the fact that Deshields was gunned down on a Salisbury street, that he had either escaped and the Maryland State Police forgot to mention that fact, which is unlikely, or the State of Maryland dumped him out on the street prior to serving the full 6 years of his sentence. Therefore, the lenient system of justice in Maryland contributed to Deshields murder and some Baltimore lawyer will likely file a suit against the State of Maryland claiming that his family should be compensated for the death of their fine son.

As part of the plea deal agreed to by Public Defender Angela D. Huffman and Republican States Attorney Matthew Maciarello and Senior Assistant Attorney Kristen Schultz, 13 other counts in the indictment Deshields faced were dropped. Those counts included the following charges, which were brought by the prosecutor, who must have thought they were a good idea when he filed the criminal information of charges in the court: Robbery, Assault first-degree (two counts), assault-second degree (two counts), theft less than $1,000, reckless endangerment (two counts), wear, carry and transport a handgun, possess regulated firearm being under 21, possession of unregistered rifle/shotgun and use of a firearm in a felony crime. The court records specifically sum up the time to serve at being 6 years with credit for time served of 182 days.

In Maryland the liberal judges appointed by a parade of liberal Governors over the past thirty years, can “reconsider” a sentence after handing it down and effectively negate an earnest plea deal and undercut a prosecutor as well as effectively arm criminals with free time to once again prey upon the public.

Maryland online court records haven’t caught on to the mantra of “transparency” and either through incompetence or inefficiency, fail to provide the public any real or solid record of a criminal case. In this case, a docket entry which is the last one, states that “motion for modification or reduction of sentence” was made by the public defender on behalf of Deshields on March 12, 2014. Given that his plea deal was cooked up in December, the move to reduce the sentence again was put in motion only three months later.

On Sept 26, 2012, Deshields was charged with theft. On March 19, 2013 in Wicomico County District Court States Attorney Maciarello dropped the charges.

On July 28th, a peace order was obtained by a victim to prevent Deshields from having any contact, harming or harassing that person or trespassing.

While Deshields was given a free pass last year, he caught a fatal bullet this year. Perhaps he caught that bullet from another thug with a stolen or illegally possessed firearm.


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