Taylor Mooney reports on Snakehead catch from Wicomico River near Salisbury


  • Snakehead full length caught by Taylor Mooney

Snakehead full length

Snakehead full length

This report from Taylor Mooney

Species: Northern Snakehead, 29″, weight unknown (Dispatched upon catch)

Location information: Wicomico River, Salisbury, MD

Description of fishing trip: High tide going out, Sunny 81 degree day, Calm Winds, Shallow water with high vegetation and muddy substrate

Tackle: Bass rod and reel, 12 lb. mono line, Bullet weight with 1/0 hook, 4 inch green swim tail worm

History: 4th Northern Snakehead personally caught in this location. 1st= 31″, 2nd= 25″, 3rd= 29″, 4th= 29″ (All dispatched upon catch and documented with photos)


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Taylor Mooney with Snakehead

Taylor Mooney with Snakehead