Southern Md Police Beat: Woman Wreaked Wanton Weapon on Deputy’s Cruiser; he fired, Jamie Stroud arrested

Repeatedly ramming Calvert DFC Wilson's cruiser, he opened fire through his windshield and missed her.

Woman was repeatedly ramming Calvert DFC Wilson’s cruiser, he opened fire through his windshield and missed her.

Deputy attacked by crazed motorist ramming his cruiser with her truck; he fires through his windshield as she flees

On 5/4/2015 at approximately 1510 hours units were called to 3131 Bayside Road for a report of a motor vehicle ramming a Calvert County Sheriff’s Office marked K-9 patrol vehicle off the road and a radio transmission by the involved officer of “Shots Fired”. 


During the investigation it was determined that , Deputy First Class  R. Wilson was traveling southbound on MD Route 261 in the area of Quale Drive when a blue 2006 Toyota Tacoma, operated by Jaime Marie Stroud DOB 11/21/1983, struck DFC R. Wilson’s vehicle on the left rear door.  During the at-scene investigation numerous witnesses were interviewed, as well as roadway and vehicle evidence documented.   

During the investigation a witness, who was traveling southbound behind the Toyota, was interviewed.  The witness stated that the driver of the Toyota was traveling southbound with one vehicle between the Toyota and the marked K-9 patrol vehicle.  Just after Quale Drive the operator of the Toyota accelerated and passed the vehicle directly behind the marked k-9 patrol vehicle in a no passing zone.  Once the Toyota passed the civilian vehicle, the witness described the Toyota “intentionally ramming” the marked K-9 patrol vehicle on the left rear door.  The witness further stated that the Toyota continued to push the marked K-9 patrol vehicle causing it to spin out in a counterclockwise direction.  Upon forcing the police vehicle off the road and into the front yard of 3131 Bayside Road Stroud remained on the accelerator pedal of the Toyota continuing to strike and force DFC Wilson’s vehicle backwards  with hers.  At one point the Toyota overrode the hood of the marked K-9 Ford Crown Victoria that DFC. Wilson was occupying and was making forward progress over the hood towards him.  The witness also stated that she heard gunshots.  The witness observed Stroud exit the vehicle and run towards the officer.  After a brief struggle and assistance from another witness Stroud was handcuffed.   

Another witness also provided a statement regarding seeing the Toyota truck operated by Stroud aim her vehicle right at police car and “putting him in the ditch”.  The witness reported hearing tires screech followed by a sound of gunfire.   The witness also reported that after the shots stopped Stroud exited the vehicle yelling profanities and advancing toward the officer.  Another witness assisted DFC R. Wilson in handcuffing the suspect after a brief struggle.   

Another witness also provided a statement to the investigators regarding assisting DFC R. Wilson with handcuffing Stroud as she failed to obey DFC R. Wilson’s verbal commands and resisted his attempts to control her movements while she was on the ground.  This witness retrieved the handcuffs from DFC R. Wilson’s cruiser, assisted with handcuffing and controlling Stroud.

Fire and EMS personnel were summoned to the scene and assessed both Stroud and DFC R. Wilson.  Stroud was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital as a precaution.  While at Calvert Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Stroud started to become very violent and was trying to kick people.  Stroud was later restrained by CMH security and awaited the arrival of Cpl. Moschetto and DFC M. Robshaw to conduct the DRE.

               DFC M. Robshaw, a Drug Recognition Expert, made observations based on contact with Stroud.  DFC Robshaw believed that the indicators observed were consistent with being under the influence of a CNS Stimulant, Dissociative Anesthetic, and or a Hallucinogen.

DFC R. Wilson was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries sustained during the incident.

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Physical evidence captured and reviewed by members of the Calvert Investigative Team and Crash Reconstruction Team revealed transfer marks on the left rear door of the police vehicle that were produced by the front bumper and  right front tire of the Toyota operated by Stroud.  Further vehicle examination revealed blue paint transfer located on the hood of the police vehicle.  This physical evidence is an indication that Stroud continued to accelerate and driver over the marked K-9 patrol vehicle occupied by DFC Wilson after the initial contact with his vehicle on the roadway. As Stroud continued to force DFC Wilson’s vehicle backwards through the split rail fence and down the hill Stroud attempted to override his vehicle and further injure the officer inside the vehicle.

Roadway evidence also showed that as a result of a DFC R. Wilson’s vehicle being deliberately struck by Stroud’s vehicle caused DCF. Wilson to lose control of his vehicle as it rotated nearly 270 degrees counterclockwise. Stroud steered towards DFC. Wilson’s vehicle as it was spinning and again struck the front of DFC. Wilson’s marked k-9 patrol vehicle. Stroud continued to propel DFC Wilson’s vehicle backwards forcing it off the roadway. The Crash Reconstruction Team determined that roadway evidence also indicated that Stroud continued to accelerate and drive her vehicle even after the initial impact. 

Based on the facts of the investigation, roadway evidence, vehicle evidence and multiple witness statements Stroud intentionally targeted a Calvert County Sheriff’s Office marked K-9 cruiser operated by DFC R. Wilson and caused injuries to DFC R. Wilson as a result.

Jamie Marie Stroud was placed under arrest and after being released from Calvert Memorial Hospital transported to Calvert County Detention Center where she was charged with First Degree Assault and Second Degree Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer. 

All events occurred in Calvert County, Maryland. 


05/05/2015 — PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. Adding to the crazy and upside down world of attacks on police officers which saw another New York City Officer assassinated over the weekend, a Calvert Deputy was repeatedly rammed by a crazy woman in a pickup truck.

Crazed motorist's pickup smashed deputy's car and pushed it down hill

Crazed motorist’s pickup smashed deputy’s car and pushed it down hill

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans reports that on May 4, 2015 at approximately 3:10 p.m. Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Maryland State Police troopers were dispatched to Maryland Route 261 west of Quail Drive for the report of a deputy involved shooting. 

Police say that upon arrival it was determined Deputy First Class Richard Wilson was involved in a shooting incident that stemmed from his patrol vehicle being struck. 

Physical evidence at the scene indicated Dfc. Wilson’s patrol vehicle was struck in front of the driver’s side rear wheel which caused the vehicle to rotate counter clockwise.  Dfc. Wilson’s patrol vehicle left the roadway skidding backwards through a split rail fence. 

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The Toyota truck that struck Dfc. Wilson’s vehicle then turned left, drove off of the roadway and intentionally struck Dfc. Wilson’s vehicle a second time and continued to accelerate, pushing the patrol vehicle backwards down a slight embankment.  

Dfc. Wilson fired several shots through the windshield of his patrol vehicle into the windshield of the ramming vehicle.  The suspect was not struck, bailed out of her vehicle and began to flee the scene towards the west.  A citizen who was stopped in the roadway watching the incident unfold stopped and assisted Dfc. Wilson with apprehending the female suspect.  Witness statements obtained on scene corroborated the events that transpired. 

Police have not yet identified the suspect or released a training schedule for Dfc. Wilson to spend more time on the range.

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