Opinion: A majority of Americans thought he was a deserter from the beginning


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The Army has finally decided to charge Sergeant Bergdahl with desertion. I suspect that the majority of Americans thought that he was a deserter from the beginning. His company mates in Afghanistan thought so and many of them appeared on Megyn Kelly’s TV show and explained it. President Obama released five key terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for sergeant Bergdahl in June of last year. The army appointed a two-star general to investigate the case. As an officer in the Marine Corps, I conducted numerous investigations for all types of incidents and they generally took about a week or two. Witnesses in this case were probably all over the country; so it would not be unreasonable to expect that this would take over a month to interview these soldiers. Politics must be why it took so long and even after the investigation was complete, it took months before the results were published. After all of this time, an article 32 will be held. That is the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury to determine if the charges are valid and punishable according to the Military Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). This also will probably take too long.


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This week, the administration released a document outlining the nuclear capability of Israel. It is a well-known secret that the Israelis have a nuclear weapon, but they have never verified it or beat their chests like North Korea proclaiming it. Why would we expose this at this time is the question? It is no secret that our president does not care for the Israeli prime minister. That became even more obvious when the prime minister spoke to a joint session of congress without the permission of the president and outlined the danger of Iran and its movement towards a nuclear bomb. Political members close to the president went to Israel and worked with the opposing party for the Israeli elections. It did no good because Prime Minister Netanyahu won by a huge majority and will be forming a new government. Could releasing this document be a ploy to show that since one country in the middle east has a nuclear weapon adding one more will not be dangerous and our agreeing to that arrangement is also not dangerous?

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Hillary Clinton continues to offer explanations about her having a private server for her use in sending and receiving E-mails, but they make very little sense other than to prevent the government from seeing everything that she sends. There are two main issues about this. The first is that she had planned to run for the presidency sometime in the future after accepting the opportunity to be secretary of state and did not want any possible gaffs in her various transmissions to be available to the opposition. The second point is that the Clintons have a large charitable organization that brings in millions of dollars from foreign contributors and those contributions flowed during her time as the secretary. That would make for some very interesting investigations. Apparently there is a rule that all government employees must use Government servers for government business and they sign a document upon leaving government employment stating that they have no government Documents in their possession. When a State Department spokeswoman was asked if Ms. Clinton had signed this document, she stated that she would look into it. It took about a week before the spokeswoman finally said that the document could not be found, but that the rule did not apply to high-ranking individuals. Once again, we are faced with rules that are only good for certain individuals.

I continue to remain optimistic about this country, but stories like the above cause me increased concern especially when more of our population does not seem to be outraged when these types of things occur.

Donald Myers is a retired Marine Colonel and can be reached at dmyersusmc@tampabay.rr.com


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