Daily Archives: March 28, 2015

Murder USA: I-95 is expressway for fleeing killers; Md. Trans. cops nab South Carolina murder suspect Jerimiah Pough

Police have been searching for Pough since March 15th, when he was allegedly involved in the shooting death of 17-year old Eric Washington.

The wanted suspect was arrested last night during a traffic stop in Baltimore, Maryland.

Columbia Police Department investigators are working with Maryland Authorities regarding Poughs extradition.

Opinion: A majority of Americans thought he was a deserter from the beginning

. Politics must be why it took so long and even after the investigation was complete, it took months before the results were published. After all of this time, an article 32 will be held. That is the military equivalent of a civilian grand jury to determine if the charges are valid and punishable according to the Military Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). This also will probably take too long.

Murder USA: killers caught after murdering Cpl. Ted Wolf twenty-five years ago

Lt. Bolger said. “Cpl. Wolf was supposed to be off the night he was killed. He said he had to come in for duty because that was the first night the new trooper he had just trained would be patrolling on his own. You don’t often see that type of connection, dedication, and devotion.”

Southern Md. Police Beat: They don’t need a FULL MOON in St. Mary’s; women bite, kick, hit victim in Courthouse!

the victim as she exited the courtroom with suspect Angela Tippett-Wedding’s ex-husband. Tippett-Wedding struck the victim in the face with her forearm and pushed her backwards to the floor. The victim was able to stand up after others intervened. At that time, Josephine Tippett struck the victim in the forehead while Tippett-Wedding bit the victim’s leg