This is what the Maryland Natural Resources Police can do to diminish the Pirate Poachers of the Chesapeake!

New York Harbor Police boat Patrol capturing pirates

Harbor Police boat “Patrol” capturing pirates FILM  by Thomas A. Edison 1903

SummaryThis was probably filmed in the southern part of the Upper New York Bay looking towards the Narrows, with Fort Lafayette partly visible in the far background. The subject is a simulated capture by the police gunboat “Patrol” of three “pirates” in a rowboat. Puffs of smoke appear as the gunboat fires several rounds from the bow cannon, which can be clearly seen later in a side view of the boat [Frame: 3642].

The “Patrol” was a steel, twin screw, 135 foot, 118 ton police boat, built in 1893 at Sparrow’s Point, Maryland.From a contemporary Edison film company catalog:


The “Patrol” is seen chasing a row-boat containing river pirates. The pirates are pulling at the oars with all their strength, but a few shots from the Police Boat weaken their nerves and they give up. When the “Patrol” comes up near them, it lowers a dory and a number of policemen make the capture. As the pirates are landed on the Police Boat a fierce fight takes place between them and the police, but the latter overcome the offenders and land them safely on the boat.

Created / PublishedUnited States : Thomas A. Edison, Inc., 1903.

Talbot County States Attorney Scott Patterson doing everything he can to avoid requiring jail time or fines for the Chesapeake Bay Pirate Poachers!


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