Virginia State Police report 174 crashes due to winter weather in Chesapeake region in just four hours

Virginia Road crews plow snow Gloucester County Sheriff's Office02/24/2015 – Virginia State Police troopers continue working nonstop throughout the evening due to the continuous  winter weather.

From 4 p.m. through 9:30 p.m., Virginia troopers have responded to 174 traffic crashes in the Chesapeake Division. Of the 174 traffic crashes, 14 involved personal injuries, and 158 involved property damage only. In addition, troopers  have responded to 53 disabled vehicles.

Virginia State Police BeatPlease keep in mind that 911 and #77 are reserved for emergencies only. To check on road conditions anywhere in Virginia, please call 511 or go to

If having to travel, drivers are reminded to do drive to save lives (#drivetosavelives):

*         Clear off all snow from your vehicle – windows, roof, trunk and lights

*          Add extra time to reach travel destination…be prepared for delays

*          Slow speed for road conditions

*         Increase driving distances between vehicles for increased stopping distance

*         Buckle up and don’t drive distracted

*         MOVE OVER for all stopped emergency vehicles, highway vehicles and two trucks.


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