Frederick Police Beat: Heap of charges included drug dealing and bribing a cop ought to be enough to make Tucker pucker

Donald Lee Tucker drug dealing assault and bribing cop Fred Md 012915Heap of charges included drug dealing and bribing a cop ought to be enough to make Tucker pucker

FREDERICK, MD. — How can one guy manage to get everything so wrong?  First, according to police, Donald Lee Tucker, who allegedly is in the business of selling commercially available cannabis, perhaps to the bozos in the Maryland General Assembly who are intent on decriminalizing pot; he smacked his girlfriend in the face with his handgun. On top of that, when the police responded to his gal-pal’s request for help, he tried to bribe one of the officers.  This cool cat must watch too many movies. Sure, that’s the way they do it in Miami and L. A., but, heck, Pilgrim, this is the backwoods of Western Maryland!

Police say that on Jan. 29, 2015 at approximately 12:43PM, Officer Wolf of the Frederick Police Department was dispatched to an assault that occurred earlier. The female victim advised Officer Wolf that she was assaulted by her boyfriend, identified as Donald Lee Tucker a few days earlier.

The victim stated to police that she was struck in the face with a handgun and repeatedly choked while in the suspects’ residence. The victim sustained injuries consistent with her statement, say police.


Available in audio edition, click to hear 4 min. sample. Also eBook and paperback

Available in audio edition, click to hear 4 min. sample. Also eBook and paperback

Upon speaking with the suspect at his residence located at 1418-I Taney Ave. Apt. 301, Frederick, Md., officers reportedly smelled the odor of marijuana inside the residence.

This point is where the bizarre story takes a new twist.

As officers were attempting to apply for a search warrant of the residence, Tucker allegedly attempted to bribe officers who were on the scene to dispose of evidence before the search warrant could be executed.

That’s right; this rocket scientist tried to get the cops to ditch the stuff, go ahead, hide it in your police car, or put it in his neighbor’s truck.

Once officers obtained a search warrant, they located the firearm in question, a quantity of marijuana, and marijuana paraphernalia indicative of possession with intent to distribute. Tucker was placed under arrest and transported to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center without incident.

Tucker faces a preliminary hearing on Feb. 24, 2015 in Frederick County District Court.

There was an active warrant for Tucker on another assault charge from Oct. 13, 2014 with a court date set for Feb. 12, 2015. Charges placed against Tucker by the Frederick County States Attorney on Aug. 25, 2014 might have been part of the reason that a search warrant for his residence was granted by a Judge, in addition to handy information obtained by his ticked off girlfriend. Tucker, represented by attorney Susan Faith Puhala of Frederick, Md., had worked a plea deal on Jan. 5, 2015 on charges of illegal possession of a handgun, wearing the gun and possession of marijuana. In return for having the wearing of the gun and pot charges dropped he entered a guilty plea to illegal possession and was awaiting sentencing.

The conversation between Tucker and his attorney about his alleged bribery attempt and smacking his gal with the gun ought to be a dandy.

Tucker’s record includes stupid stuff like getting a ticket from Maryland State Trooper Daryl Hood for spinning wheels on July 5, 2014. A guilty plea and $70 resulted from that singular act of vehicular bravado. Other traffic charges are pending in Frederick County Circuit Court, showing that this bozo is a training aid for Frederick City Police.

A DUI arrest in Hagerstown by Maryland State Trooper William Talbert on Sept. 15, 2010 at 2:00 am resulted in a guilty plea with probation before judgment, a fine of $1,000 and no time in the slammer.

Frederick Police list the charges against Tucker in his latest career builder as:


  1. 1st Degree Assault
  2. 2nd Degree Assault
  3. Reckless Endangerment
  4. Possession of Marijuana
  5. Possession with intent to distribute marijuana
  6. Possession of a firearm during drug trafficking crime
  7. Attempt to bribe public employee

Now the question remains.  How will Tucker be able to pay his attorney if he can’t make bail and get out to make some money selling dope, if indeed, that is is occupation?  Does he have enough stash to come up with his attorney’s fee? Has he already pre-paid for his mouthpiece?  Will he have to go with the free but hapless Public Defender? Will he figure out that it ain’t nice to smack your girlfriend who knows all your dirt with your gun?

Inquiring minds want to know but remember: Only The Shadow knows!

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