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Cold enough for hell to freeze over but silly kayaker still gets stuck on Potomac island; required chopper rescue

Rescue personnel spotted the stranded kayaker submerged to his waist and clinging to a rock to avoid being swept downstream in the swift moving water. The 54-year-old male victim was about 75 yards off the Maryland shore. Due to the 35 degree water and 25 degree air temperatures, fire department rescuers on the ground coordinated with the crew of Trooper 3 to hoist the victim from overhead to safety as quickly as possible.

Virginia revokes ten commercial watermen’s licenses and fishing privileges for harvesting oysters from polluted waters

January 27, 2015 Meeting of the Virginia Marine Resource Commission

REPEAT OFFENDERS: The Commission revoked ten commercial watermen’s licenses and tidal fishing privileges for their court convictions of harvesting oysters from polluted waters. However, the Commission suspended the revocations of nine of those watermen and put them on probation for a year. Any natural resources violations during that probation period will result in the automatic loss of their commercial fishing licenses and fishing privileges for up to two years

Crew survives inferno at sea due to beacon of hope

More than 1,000 miles away, an alarm sounded in the Coast Guard Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Honolulu. It resonated, disturbing the silence of an early morning November watch. An EPIRB was transmitting a distress signal from a remote location in the Pacific Ocean. It was 2 o’clock in the morning and lives were in jeopardy

Metro Transit Police announce arrest of Daniel Alan Groseclose for copper theft

The Metro Police announced the arrest of Daniel Alan GROSECLOSE, 42, of Edgewater, Md., on grand larceny charges following an investigation into theft of copper from a Rosslyn construction site. It is alleged that on at least two occasions last fall, Groseclose stole sections of copper wire and tubing from the site.

GROSECLOSE worked as an employee for KONE, which is responsible for maintenance of selected escalators and elevators on the Metrorail system. The copper was owned by M.C. Dean, Inc.

Roll On, Roll Off Bid Rigger K-Line Executive Hiroshige Tanioka Will Roll On Into Federal Prison

Roll On, Roll Off Bid Rigger K-Line Executive Hiroshige Tanioka Will Roll On Into Federal Prison – “For more than a decade this conspiracy has raised the cost of importing cars and trucks into the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer for the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. “Today’s sentencing is a first step in our continuing efforts to ensure that the executives responsible for this misconduct are held accountable.”

Today’s sentence was the first to be imposed against an individual in the division’s ocean shipping investigation. Previously, three corporations have agreed to plead guilty and to pay criminal fines totaling more than $136 million, including Tanioka’s employer K-Line, which was sentenced to pay a criminal fine of $67.7 million in November 2014.

Sheriffs in two Virginia counties want to know who is shooting at homes

King George Deputies responded to a call from a resident on Caledon Road on Monday, January 26, 2015 who advised that they found bullet holes in the wall of their residence around 12:30 am when they heard what sounded like glass shattering. The bullet hole was found later on that morning. On Tuesday, January 27, 2015 deputies responded to a second address on Caledon Road stating that “the night before last” the resident heard a loud noise around 12:30 am – 1:00 am. That resident found a bullet hole in the side of his residence.

Butt Brothers Elmar Rakhamimov and Salim Yusufov “Eric & Salim” Outsmarted by FBI; Tripped by Greed

According to his plea agreement, Rakhamimov and a co-conspirator laundered the proceeds of the contraband cigarette sales through an international money laundering operation that wired funds from banks located in Latvia, Cyprus, and Estonia, to a bank in New York, disguising the money as legitimate business payments for medical equipment or supplies. From December 27, 2012 through September 5, 2013, Rakhamimov and his co-conspirator wired a total of $681,450 through 12 such transactions. Rakhamimov and his co-conspirator received a fee of approximately 8% for the money laundering transactions.

Rakhamimov used his residence and his restaurant, Europe, to conduct the illegal transactions of contraband cigarettes and drugs, and the money laundering.

According to his plea agreement, Adam Azerman transported contraband cigarettes from Maryland to Brooklyn, using a van registered in his name. Azerman picked up the cigarettes from Rakhamimov’s residence and other locations, then drove his van to Brooklyn, New York, where he met Shamil Novakhov and provided him with the keys to the van. Novakhov admitted that he would take the van and return a few hours later, after he unloaded the contraband cigarettes into a nearby warehouse. Novakhov’s nephew, Ruslan Ykiew, admitted that he would also travel from New York to Maryland to obtain contraband cigarettes and transport them to his uncle in New York. Ykiew initially stored the cigarettes in a restaurant he owned. At Novakhov’s request, in 2012 Ykiew rented a warehouse for the storage of the contraband cigarettes.

Salim Yusufov also admitted that he illegally provided unapproved prescription drugs from Germany and Eastern Europe and sold them to customers. Corvalol, also referred to Corvalolum, and Valocordin, is not approved by the FDA for distribution in the United States, although it is sold in Eastern European countries, where it is used to treat elevated blood pressure and as a tranquilizer and sedative. Valocordin and Corvalol contain large amounts of phenobarbital, a prescription drug regulated by the FDA. According to his plea agreement, from July 23, 2010 through July 14, 2011, Yusufov , who is not a licensed pharmacist, imported and distributed Valocordin, dispensing the drug without a prescription.

Thanks a Bunch! Baltimore’s best bank robber sent to slammer

According to Bunch’s plea agreement, between late March and mid-April 2014, Bunch engaged in a string of bank robberies in the Baltimore area. In each robbery, Bunch presented the teller with a note stating that he had a gun and threatening to shoot if the teller did not comply with his demands for money.

Specifically, Bunch admitted that he robbed: the Wells Fargo Bank in the 6300 Block of York Road in Baltimore, on March 25, 2014, stealing $4,029.01; the Bay Bank in the 2600 block of Annapolis Road in Hanover, Maryland, on April 4, 2014, stealing $2,000; and the Wells Fargo Bank in the 4800 block of Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, on April 14, 2014, stealing $3,333.