Dover Police Beat: Christiana Ligameri and Mustafe Whitfield charged with big bunch of bags of heroin at Dover Downs Casino

Dover Downs Heroin BustChristina Ligameri charged with distribution of heroin at Dover Downs Casino


DOVER, DEL. – As if losing all your money on slow horses, tight machines and rigged table games isn’t enough, there might be a drug dealer lurking around ready to sell you instant death.

Alert security personnel of the Dover Downs Casino and Hotel spotted possible narcotics action taking place in the hotel. Their actions along with video surveillance of the suspects led the miscreants to a jail cell, report police.

Officers responded to the casino for a report of a white female asking customers for painkiller medication.

As Dover Downs Casino Security conducted video surveillance of the woman, while awaiting police arrival, they observed a black male suspect conduct a transaction with the female in which a clear plastic baggie containing a white powder was exchanged.

Officers arrived and contacted Christina Ligameri, 20.  Upon further investigation it was discovered that Ligameri was in possession of 403 baggies of heroin, with a total weight of 6.045 grams.

Dover Downs Security continued video surveillance of Mustafe Whitfield, 29, inside the casino.  Officers contacted Whitfield who allegedly was in possession of brass knuckles and Ligameri’s wallet and Delaware ID card.

Whitfield served time for armed robbery; jailhouse lawyer proved ineffective

While a prisoner at the Delaware Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware, Whitfield filed a federal civil rights action against the Wilmington Police Department, allegedly his constitutional rights were violated and that a detective fabricated evidence against him that resulted in his conviction in an armed robbery. Whitfield was found guilty in February of 2004 of the crime and his appeals at every level were exhausted when he filed the lawsuit in 2007.

Whitfield then moved to dismiss the suit but the Federal Court instead ruled that the motion for dismissal from the Wilmington Police would be granted. The court ruled that Whitfield provided no evidence and had failed to bring actions within the time allotted to do so.


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