Murder USA: Update Hoggle Missing Children Case – Direction of Investigation Changing


GERMANTOWN, MD. (Sept. 16, 2014) — The Montgomery County Police Department continues to search for and seek information regarding the whereabouts of Jacob and Sarah Hoggle.  The following additional information is being released at this time:

  • The children have not been located.
  • A press conference was held at Police Headquarters today.  The press conference is viewable (clink link below) and the Department encourages people to watch the video in its entirety.  There are many parts of this investigation that are reviewed during the press event.
  • The direction of the investigation is transitioning to a homicide investigation.  Captain Francke, Director of the Major Crimes Division, explained this investigative transition in detail during the press conference held today at Police Headquarters (please watch video below).  While the Department remains hopeful, detectives acknowledge the possibility that the children are deceased and that searching may become a recovery mission.
  • Over 13,000 acres of land in Montgomery County have been searched during this investigation.  Searches today did not yield any evidence.  Searches will resume tomorrow.
  • The Police Department asks that residents of Darnestown and Clarksburg search their own land and property for Jacob and Sarah.  If  the children are located while searching one’s property, call 911.  Render aid if it is an option, and if not, move away from the area until police arrive.
  • The Police Department continues to have ample resources to search for Jacob and Sarah.  The process is highly organized and systematic.
  • There is no planned press event for tomorrow.


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