Monthly Archives: September 2010

Recycling your fish carcass

Finding a home for boneless fish filets is seldom a problem but disposing of fish carcasses can be a challenge.  Most of us do not live on the water where…

Frankie’s Last Big Fish

Together, we took turns doing the one armed sidestroke dragging the gaff and hooked gag grouper against the current about 300 yards back to the boat.

Cross-Bow Season is Here,…Are You Ready?

Given this is the first time Cross-Bow will be allowed during the regular Bow season, it should be a phenomenal season, and I am already hearing from other hunters that…

Skate Shooting Tournament with Bow and Arrow

By Rich Johnson THE CHESAPEAKE I attended the 13th Annual Skate Tournament that was just held on June 27 at the Sea Breeze Restaurant off Sandgates Road in Mechanicsville on…

September Smorgasbord

Finally, the cooler weather is causing fish to school and feed hard to fatten up for the coming winter.  Capt. Greg Buckner on the Miss Susie in Solomons is trolling…

September Is The Month To Rock With The Blues!

Tackle busting red drum were a real surprise for Southern Maryland anglers this summer and there may be some still around to test your endurance in September.

Mega Jaws

In addition to the milk crates full of Indian artifacts that he had collected from various sites in the Zekiah Swamp were boxes of whale bones, sharks teeth, and fossilized shells

Grief on the Reef

Ironically, I have swum with many barracudas and sharks.

St. George Island Indian Casino Gains Support from Commissioners Eager to Balance Budget; Island Soon to Separate from Bridge

PINEY POINT (Special) — In spite of warnings from the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the O’Malley Administration has failed to act to secure and safeguard St. George’s Island from drifting…

Fishing and Boating Cheap in the Free State

The Best Boating Deal in Maryland One of the best deals in the State of Maryland is the exemption of registration for canoes, kayaks, skiffs, and sailboats that are 16…