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Black Guerrila Family gang member sentenced to 12 years O'Malley

Baltimore City Jail Guard Ashley Newton Sentenced to Four Years on Inside of Slammer for Sleeping with Black Guerrilla Family Inmates; Smuggling Goodies into Jail

According to trial evidence and other court documents, Newton smuggled drugs and other contraband for a succession of BGF leaders starting as early as 2008. She had long-term sexual relationships with at least two BGF inmates, including Duron Young, a/k/a Pinky. Newton smuggled pills, marijuana and tobacco for Young, and during the conspiracy, Newton smuggled pills for Pinky almost daily. Newton also opened cells doors of inmates for BGF members

Suitland resident charged with harboring a two-foot alligator in his apartment.

Maryland Natural Resources cops snare gator captor

NRP received a complaint about an alligator being kept as a pet in an apartment. Officers visited the residence to interview Hopkins but he wasn’t home. After obtaining a search warrant, officers were able to seize the two-foot alligator, which was in an aquarium in the living room.

Maryland State Police News Beat
Lancaster County Sheriff Police Beat

Lancaster County Police Beat: bears, boaters and busted reported by Sheriff R. D. Crockett

Deputies received a boat owner’s report of his/her boat sinking at their dock at Snug Harbor (VMRC & UCSG notified; both advised to tell the caller to contact his/her boat mechanic; no hazmat spill involved).

Ocean City Police Beat
Sam Ellis will face double DUI rap for deaths of Calvin Li and Alex Murk

Fatal crash driver Sam Ellis cited for underage booze rap and fighting in Ocean City prior to double fatal crash

On June 2, 2015 the party boy Sam Ellis was reveling in Ocean City, Maryland along with thousands of other newly graduated high school students when he was arrested by Ocean City Police Officer R. Flanagan. The criminal charge which is pending in Worcester County District Court for a hearing on July 9, 2015 is for the criminal charge of “affray”, which means participating in a fight among several persons, often associated with a riot or rumble.

Which clown can't have a gun Erik William Schmidt
Dead baby killed by mom NBC 4 photo

Murder USA: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Mama Will Swing You Till You Die

Medical Examiner rules child died due to being starved and kept out in cold night air

LA PLATA, MD. — The death of a toddler found being pushed on a swing by his mother has been ruled to be a murder, according to Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

Charles Andrew Forsyth child sex offender arrest PWCpD 062915

Prince William Police Beat: Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s off to work Burglars go!

Amateur Safe-Cracker Got Zip MANASSAS, VA. – On June 27th at 9:15PM, officers responded to Potomac Metals, Inc. located at 11900 Livingston Rd in Manassas (20109) to investigate an alarm…

Tyler Lee Cole charged with impersonating officer by Charles County Sheriff's Office.

Charles County Sheriff Police Beat: Wanna be cop Tyler Lee Cole tracked down and busted for impersonating an officer

The suspect exited his car, identified himself as an officer and said that he stopped the driver for not using his turn signal. The victim questioned the suspect about his credentials –the suspect was wearing a jacket that said security – and the suspect ran back to his car and fled. The motorist was able to provide a tag number of the suspect’s vehicle