St. Mary's Sheriff Correctional Officer Maurice Gogul-wrecked-police-car-while-DWI-in-Easton-Md.-101416

SOUTHERN MARYLAND POLICE BEAT / Training for funeral escort turned into DUI arrest of St. Mary’s Sheriff’s correctional officer

CO Gogul was with another St. Mary’s Sheriff’s employee, a Corporal with the Patrol Division after a day of training when the pair began to enjoy the night life of Easton, a sleepy town in Talbot County.


History of Communist and Nazi Atrocities

Public schools have done little to educate younger generations on the horrors of Communism and Hitler’s Nazi conquest of Europe in WWII. Share these videos with your children. These are…


MURDER USA: Alexandria Police Make Second Arrest in Belle Pre Way Homicide of Ex-Con Leon Williams

MURDER USA: Alexandria Police Make Second Arrest in Belle Pre Way Homicide of Leon Williams ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Alexandria Police reports the second arrest a murder that took place a…

Mayor Bozo of Baltimore

Mayor Bozo to Radio Station: Don’t send reporters to my events who ask tough questions – bans Ken Burns

Press Association condemns Mayor’s banning of reporter: Further, her allegations of consistently threatening and intimidating behavior are without merit, as Burns had not received any warnings or other indication that his behavior during his long-time coverage of city government was not appropriate.